• How Can I Help You?

    Here are a few examples of how we could get started.


    Be a Better Speaker and/or Presenter.


    The art and science of speaking and presentation has been a fascination of mine since early childhood. I have spent decades honing my craft and can assist you to become a more confident, competent and engaging presenter online and off.


    Speak to me

    Brand Transformation

    Thoroughbranding™ is the method I have created to ensure that, together we can take your brand from banal to brilliant. It is a 360 degree alignment of who you are, the impact you'd like to make, with whom you are aiming to connect, the content that you share, your natural communication style, how you show up online, how you show up in person, and how you show up when you are nowhere to be seen. 


    My passion for brand design is thorough and multifaceted. I pull from extensive experience from the graphic, digital design, fashion/retail, media, tech, performance & service industries.


    Contact me for more information.

    Write Your Book

    Have you ever wanted to write a book?

    Then you are not alone. Most people do. However, very few complete the task. I have been on both sides of this road and can help you avoid the greatest pitfalls. 


    I can help you get started, stay motivated and get published on your own terms. 



  • Testimonials

    Some of the feedback I have received.


    Funny, expert, motivator, storyteller & teacher

    "It's no secret that Lori inspired me a lot. She is a gifted speaker with the true sense of capturing her audience. She underlined her bulletpoints in a way that made it theoretical as well as entertaining. Besides that, it's always nice to get useful tools, in this case the Social Media Canvas. Actually, I can't say anything critical about Lori's event. I enjoyed it and it was definitely one of my top-points of SMW."


    M. Ingvardsen

    (via Speakerscore)


    "I did some brainstorming with Lori for my new business and received alot of great ideas for creating products, leveraging my personal skillset to advantage and new ways of marketing. She is a fantastic person, very professional and has an immense expertise in a variety of areas. I highly recommend her."



    (via Linkedin)


    "Lori is a knowledgeable social media expert who reaches out to entrepreneurs proactively and shares her expertise. She is friendly and caring. And her advice is spot on! I look forward to working with her and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for help growing their business."



    (via Linkedin)


    "In a short 45 minute session with Lori, she quickly and effortlessly enhanced my online presence across social media, the internet and mobile platforms. She quickly created accounts, set up branded pages, an event, presented useful tools, did necessary tweaking and shared intelligent follow up strategies. Her vast cross-disciplinary knowledge enhanced her thoroughness. When she says, Thoroughbranding, she is not kidding!"



    (via Linkedin)


    Looking for a host, speaker or facilitator for your next event? Interested in improving your staff's presentation performance? Want to increase the level of innovative ideas within your organization? Need someone to decipher social media, the web, mobile tech or which apps will best suit your needs? Want to know about the most powerful trends in your industry and why they are relevant to you? Let me help.


    Here are a few defining factors in my life: I enjoy and appreciate living and do my best to get the most out of the life I have been given. My fascination with this gift called life also extends to others and other things. I love exploring life through its quirky, beautiful, and at times, darker details. It gives me energy to discover new things, and brings me joy to share these insights with others. Life is not always easy, however, it is my belief that it is fundamentally good and filled with endless possibility. The four major ways that I explore, engage and deliver client value through this belief, are listed in the sections below.


    For me, life is something to be enjoyed; a gift we give ourselves every day when we choose to be happy, to do good in the world, and to prosper in whatever we commit ourselves to.


    Always. Anytime. Anywhere.


    I believe in the power of the experience to help you make a change, heighten your acquisition of new information, or to simply increase your level of enjoyment. So I combine my enthusiasm for life with the way I craft and co-create client experience.


    This can mean writing your book on a cruise to the Bahamas, preparing for your debut conference keynote during a weekend stay at a five star lodge in the Rockies, creating new products and services during a trendspotting session through New York City, or a Supercharging Your Life Brand and Business during a weeklong Maui retreat.


    Laughing. Loving. Exploring. Expressing. Implementing. Prospering. Transforming.


    I love speaking to audiences small and large, on stage or online, as a speaker, host, facilitator or panellist.


    I began my onstage career as a performer at the tender age of four. I started out as a dancer and progressively moved into singing, acting, modelling, leadership and teaching. I have presented for audiences of 5 to 3,000 face to face and have reached over a million through traditional and digital media.


    If you are interested in seeing my speaker profile, you can check it out here.



    Life is filled with opportunities. Let me help you discover yours.


    The transformation will come through a mutual commitment to succeed, respect, hard work, tenacity, good humour, collaboration, knowledge sharing, network growth and enlightened experiences.


    Sound good?


    I will periodically run facilitations, training and retreats to further your learning and strengthen your network and knowledge.


    I enjoy working with a limited number of one to one clients. Which allows me to concentrate on a small group to perform great impact and a grand transformation for their lives and businesses.


    If you'd like to be a part of an exceptional experience, join me now to hear about one or all of my forthcoming programs.


    Sign up to hear more about upcoming programs.

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

  • Professional Memberships

    I believe in lifelong learning and professional connection. Here are a few of the organizations that I am currently a member: (US) National Speakers Association, Global Speaker Federation, Danish Film Academy, Women Speakers Association and the International Womens Leadership Association.


    As part of a Blended Learning Team at the Technical University of Denmark, I spent three semesters as an External Lecturer and Talk Show Host for Graduate Level Engineering Students in the Technology, Economics, Management & Economy (TEMO) course.

    Presentation Excerpt

    As a part of International Social Media Week in February 2015, I am presenting my Social Media Strategy Wheel, then Social Media Canvas, in Copenhagen. #smwcph #smwcanvas


    Some of the events where I have spoken:

    The Nordic Startup Conference

    Danish Entrepreneurship Expo

    Global Entrepreneurship Week

    Social Media Week

    Crowd Safety Conference


    Women Rock the World NYC

    World Usability Day

    Good Ideas Salon

    Copenhagen Business School Green Business Days

    Computer Human Interaction

    NAI International World Heritage


    Some of the places where I have spoken:

    Technical University of Denmark

    The IT University of Denmark

    Copenhagen University

    Copenhagen Business School

    Aalborg University

    Royal Danish Academy of Arts

    Danish Design School

    National Danish Hospital

    Copenhagen Fire Department

    Department of Danish Commerce 

    The Royal Danish Music Conservatory

    The National Museum

    The Royal Danish Library

    The Copenhagen Forum Expo Center


    Area of Expertise

    Speech Development

    Presentation Design

    Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Global Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurial Diversity

    International Entrepreneurship Trends


    Experience Design

    Design Thinking

    Cross-Cultural Design

    Expat Life

    Social Media/Online/Mobile Presence

     Personal Presence


    Webb Branded Speech Topics

    The S.O.U.L. of Entrepreneurship

    The elevAteher Pitch

    Speaking Seriously

    Speech Development Wheel


    Social Media Strategy Wheel

    Social Media is for You

    The Five Pillars of Event Experience




  • Video Testimonials

    A few video testimonials from people with whom I have worked.

  • My published books


    The Entrepreneurial Profiles Series


    This Amazon #1 Bestseller series includes introductions, edited transcripts of interviews with entrepreneurs, and is followed by lessons learned by the author that can be immediately applied to improve the entrepreneurial craft of the reader.



    Exceptional Experience

    What the World's Most Famous (Former) Madam Can Teach You About Business, Customer Service, Employee Relations & Entrepreneurship

    The first book in The Entrepreneurial Profiles Series, it is a curated transcript of the interview Lori Webb did with famed former NYC Madam, Sydney Barrows (a.k.a. the Mayflower Madam). Includes 100 Lessons Learned to improve any business.


    On January 2nd Exceptional Experience: What the World's Most Famous (Former) Madam Can Teach You About Business, Customer Service, Employee Relations & Entrepreneurship, became a #1 Amazon Bestseller for Hot New Releases in Entrepreneurship just 24 hours after release and went to the number 1 position 6 more times in 2012 and several more times in 2013, 2014 & 2015.



    Click here to download Exceptional Experience

    Serious Impact!

    How Personal Story Can Help You Crush It in Business, Life & Entrepreneurship

    This is a short 39 page book from Amazon Bestselling Author, Lori Webb. It is the second #1 Amazon Bestseller in The Entrepreneurial Profiles Series. The book is based on interview with former American NFL Safety, Bo Eason.


    Click here to download Serious Impact

    Absolute Commitment

    What Passion, Feminine Intuition and Social Engagement Can Do for Your Business & the World


    This is the second edition of this book (2015). After some reformatting errors, the book was taken down and re-edited. It is the third #1 Amazon Bestseller in The Entrepreneurial Profiles Series. Like the others in this series, it is a short edited transcribed interview, followed by lessons learned by the author. Based on the interview with London Entrepreneur, Lynne Franks, this book is an example of how strong conviction to your ideals and passion can lead you to improve the world & your bottom line, even before the rest of the world catches on to what you are doing.



    Click here to download Absolute Commitment

  • Worldwide Retreats & Intensives 

    Retreat & Intensive details will soon follow. Keep your eye on this space or reach out directly to avoid missing any of these life changing experience.

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