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What Does a String Art Picture Dedicated to Justin Timberlake Have to Do with Entrepreneurship?

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What Does a String Art Picture Dedicated to Justin Timberlake Have to Do with Entrepreneurship?

What does a picture of Justin Timberlake have to do with entrepreneurship? Nothing and everything. 

In the early part of the summer, I saw this video by Vovo Zagranovsky, of artist, Zenyk Palagniuk, documenting his process of creating a string art piece dedicated to Justin Timberlake. Palagniuk used 24 kilometers of thread, 13,000 nails and 200 hours to produce the piece.While Zagranovsky took the the time to create a well-conceived and well-executed video about the work that he and many others are sharing via social media, myself included.

As I watched the three and a half minute video, I couldn't help but draw parallels to my own world... the world of entrepreneurship. An area which I have spent almost a decade intensely researching, and a lifetime experiencing. Summer came and went and I again found myself thinking about this video.

For years, despite the fact that most entrepreneurial programs have been placed within the sciences, I have felt that entrepreneurship, at least, in its impetus, belonged more to the arts. I have been very vocal on this subject for many years now. While I realize that nothing is black or white in regard to this discussion, for this video to resonate with me in this way was a natural expression of that thinking.

As I continue to post on the topic, I will share additional research, experience, tools and more specific thoughts. However, for this post, I will simply share the following quick takeaways that I received from watching the video:

Firstly, the motivation for Palagniuk's work represents the artist’s dedication and allegiance to the Justin Timberlake brand. He launches his own self-guided initiative to express this dedication. His execution and promotion of the work illustrates the power that one has in creating raving fans for your brand. People who are so excited by you, your message, your service, your product that they are willing to use their own resources, time and network to evangelize on your behalf. This concept is not new, however, the Justin Timberlake thread piece is a good example of how it looks in practice. While few entrepreneurs, by comparison, would command the same kind of brand heat that celebrities like Timberlake regularly generate; even a fraction of this kind of devotion would prove beneficial.

Secondly, the work itself exemplifies 7 ways for entrepreneurs to succeed in realizing their own vision through artistic execution. They are:

  1. Be extremely motivated.
  2. Be able to see a clear outcome even when others see nothing.
  3. Be able to gather resources.
  4. Be good at your craft.
  5. Be able to take things one step at a time.
  6. Be tenacious.
  7. Be able to self-promote.

Thirdly, Zagranovsky also leveraged his strengths and enthusiasm to create a work that took vision, planning, commitment, time and other resources. His documentation of that same vision took him from relative obscurity to over 7 million viewers of his work on YouTube; write-ups from various international media and the attention of several bloggers, including myself. 

What is your craft?

Who or what inspires you?

What is holding you back from connecting the dots to your own masterpiece?

Who is the ideal person to work with to support you in realizing your vision?

If you’d like help exploring these questions in more detail, feel free to reach out to me for a discovery or support session.

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