Big Blab Event: A Global Entrepreneur Hotline (in Beta)
168 Hours of Continuously Livestreamed Entrepreneurial Content

Global Entrepreneurship Weekis upon us and throughout the week people from all over the globe will focus on entrepreneurship. Hurray!

As an additional contribution to the dialogue, teaching and support, being given through official channels this week, I present the Big Blab Event. A disruptive 168 hour, yes, 168 continuously live streamed hours of diverse content for entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial spirited and those that live, love and aim to support them.

It is groundbreaking and ambition and representative of the entrepreneurial spirit itself. It is a (pending) world record breaking event that aims to give support and voice to the broad diversity of the international entrepreneurial community. It will do this through unprecedented free global online access to a live stream platform that is available to them 24 hours a day throughout the entire week.

It is a conference, knowledge relay, resource center, workshop, lab, feedback center, rotating stage, networking event and support hotline -all rolled into one. A beta platform that will allow them to immediately connect, engage and network live with others across time zones and expertise. Whether the urge hits them at 2 pm or 2 am. Throughout The168, which it is also called, there will be scheduled and impromptu opportunities for event participants to be coached, take master classes, join panel discussions, practice pitching, receive feedback, ask and answer questions, engage with hosts, partners and fellow attendees - all in real time.

We are thrilled to have sixteen fantastic disruptive official hosts from 8 countries. Each charged with sharing their unique entrepreneurial perspectives, skill sets, trainings and networks to further grow and support the online global entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Our partners represent and support entrepreneurs through their products, services and presence. They represent a near ideal resource kit for the new or experienced entrepreneur.

Big Blab Event (The 168) Daily Themes

4 pm. EST      Monday- Entrepreneurial Trends

4 pm. EST      Tuesday- Investors, Investing and Investment

4 pm. EST      Wednesday- Women Entrepreneurship & The Female Market

4 pm. EST      Thursday- Youth & Entrepreneurial Education

4 pm. EST      Friday- Cities - Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

4 pm. EST      Saturday- Tech and Social

4 pm. EST      Sunday - Sustainability

See Big Blab Event or follow @The168Event for updates. Follow #The 168 #BigBlab #BigBlabEvent 

Come be a part of history in the making. Join #the168 and "Blab Your Way to A Better Business"

Have a fabulous week.

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