Beyond Envy Conference 2016
January 30th, 2016
The first livestream conference of its type initiated and organized from the Netherlands.
It was an honor and a privilege to work with Dutch entrepreneur and conference visionary, Jojanneke van den Bosch, to Executive Produce this unique online conference, livestreamed for 7 hours straight via 
The quality of speakers, content and audience engagement was fascinating and the diversity of the virtual rooms was one rarely experienced in the physical conference arena. The vibe was intimate yet educational. 
The Beyond Envy Conference dealt with the slightly tabu subject of dealing with the subject of envy in the public space. Jojanneke gathered 13 accomplished speakers to share their experiences as well as their knowledge. 
Along with the opportunity to work behind the scenes of the project, I was also afforded the chance to also share my own expertise as a speaker in the session on Mobile Livestreaming and Smarter Branding. In fact, I was first approached in November with the request to speak and the production involvement came later. 
Beyond Envy 2016 was the third conference in three months that I have produced on Blab. The first, my own initiative, The Big Blab was a week long 24/7 celebration of entrepreneurship created in connection with Global Entrepreneurship Week. The event ran for 168 hours and is over 100 hours longer than the current world record. The second event, Startup Con Live, was a collaborative effort for which I was brought in early to work with Frank Clark and Leo Novsky. We later added experienced Blab Hosts, Jonathan Tripp and Zef Zan and created a successful event and a well functioning team. After accepting the Executive Producer role for Beyond Envy 2016, I immediately reached out to Frank Clark, Zef Zan and Jonathan Tripp to come on as Producers and along with Jojanneke and her team were able to create yet another successful event. 
See more about Beyond Envy 2016 here.
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